Wordless but not expressionless! Yawn emoji and more coming your way

The Unicode Consortium has approved and announced a list of interesting new emojis which will make their way to the user devices soon in the year.

From yawning emoji to emojis of differently abled people, the list includes 59 new emoji with 171 variants for gender and skin tone, making the total count of 230.

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The horizons of the wordless conversations is widening with more rounds of addition to the dictionary of emoticons. Some of the new emoji include service dog/ guiding dog, mechanical arm, deaf person, drop of blood, waffle, ice cube, saree, diya, pinching hand and many more.

Every new set of addition thrives on the inclusion and diversity factor, for instance the new characters like a man in a wheelchair, woman in a wheelchair, man with probing cane, people holding hands, motorized wheelchair, and guide dog, etc, expand the diversity and inclusion base of the conversing with emojis.

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