Wait! Did you also think that global warming is all about ‘warming’?

Wait! Did you also think that global warming is all about 'warming'?
Wait! Did you also think that global warming is all about 'warming'?

On Tuesday morning, as the prediction was made for Chicago to have the coldest day on Wednesday, which could also be colder than some of the most frigid places on earth, US President Donald Trump posted a tweet from his handle about global warming.

Global warming is not all about the warming of the earth, but also the change of cold and chilly waves around the globe.

Global warming is the rise in the earth’s average surface temperature and the oceans because of the greenhouse gases that are released due to people burning the fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide absorb the heat that would otherwise bounce off the earth’s surface. It has been one of the biggest environmental concerns over the last two decades.

Here are some facts about global warming that you need to know:

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  • Global warming is the increase in the Earth’s average surface temperature due to the greenhouse gases that get accumulated in the atmosphere like a thick blanket, trap the heat of the sun and cause the Earth to heat up.
  • Greenhouse gases make the planet liveable for both humans and animals by keeping the heat close to it.
  • The main reason for global warming is the over-emittance of gases and fossils such as coal, gasoline and natural oil.
  • Today, there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any other point over the last 800,000 years.
  • While Americans contribute 4 per cent of the total world’s population, 25 per cent carbon dioxide is produced from fossil fuel burning.

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  • Since the year 1870, the global sea levels have increased by about 8 inches.
  • Climate change has had unavoidable effects on the environment such as the shrinking of glaciers, breaking of ice or rivers and lakes, shifting of animal and plant ranges, and earlier flowering of trees.
  • Due to the heat waves caused by global warming, there is a greater risk of illnesses and diseases such as diabetes owing to the heat as well as severe fatal diseases.
  • Scientists believe and expect that if effective measures and policies are not brought in place to reduce greenhouse pollution, the average temperature across the globe could increase by another 2 degrees by 2100.

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