Domestic help and son arrested for murder of couple in South Delhi

Domestic help and son arrested for murder of couple in South Delhi
Domestic help and son arrested for murder of couple in South Delhi

A maid working part-time in South Delhi’s Amar Colony was arrested along with her minor son for allegedly murdering and robbing Rs. 9 Lakh from an old couple along with some gold jewellery on Monday. She and her son had plotted to rob and kill the couple to get some quick money in Mount Kailash.

The police were informed about the missing couple Virender Kumar Khaneja and Sarla on January 26. The team, on being informed arrived at the couple’s flat which was locked from inside and the couple’s phones were switched off. When the police broke the lock of the house, they found the bodies of the couple on the floor.

The maid used to work in houses on a part-time basis and used to visit the couple’s house once or twice a week to give a massage to the lady. On being interrogated, she denied the crime and tried to mislead the officials through statements that were contradictory. However, in the CCTV recording, the officials could see a young male, in one of the footages.

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On enquiring further, the police found that the boy was the accused maid’s son. But, during the investigation, she claimed that the boy was not her son. When both were questioned, the police received contradictory statements from both of them and finally, the son confessed about them murdering the couple.

The maid had seen Virender keeping some cash in his locker, a few days back. On January 18, she had gone to give a massage to Sarla and tactfully opened the door for her son to enter the house.

She left the house after completing her work but the boy remained inside. When the husband left the house for some work, the son caught hold of the woman and asked her for the jewellery and cash, however, the woman told him that she had no idea about the items and only her husband knew where it was kept.

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On hearing this, the minor son strangulated the lady and robbed the jewellery from their house. In the evening, when her husband returned from his work, no one answered the doorbell, but he managed to open the door with a spare key that he had.

When Virender entered, the boy forcefully snatched the key of the locker and strangulated him as well. Then, he robbed Rs. 9 lakh from the house, gold jewellery, and a few other articles.

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