Did you know the World’s most mispronounced places, here is the list

10 of world's most commonly mispronounced places
10 of world's most commonly mispronounced places

When travelling, everyone gets excited and starts packing to explore a new world. However, before you plan, do you really know how the places you travel to are pronounced? Here is a list of ten places around the world which you have probably been pronouncing wrong all this while.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Although people in Iceland speak English, you should know the correct pronunciation of the name of the city. Pronunciation: “Rake-yah-vick”

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Did you just say Edinburgh with a G? Well, how about replacing gh with burr-a? Yes, the correct pronunciation of Edinburgh is “Ed-in-burra”.

Ibiza, Spain

Well, naturally, when you read Ibiza, you are bound to say Ibiza. But wait, do you know how the Spanish pronounce the name? The za gets replaced by tha and Ibiza is pronounced as “Ibi-tha”.

Phuket, Thailand

When p+h are paired together, the sound that comes out is f, however, in Thailand, it is different. People in Thailand, in fact, pretend that there is no h in their dictionary. Hence, the correct pronunciation of Phuket is “Poo-ket”.

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Qatar, Middle East

It is true, that we should pronounce the cities as the locals staying their pronounce them. Therefore, Qatar is pronounced as “Kuh-Ter”.

Melbourne, Australia

In Australia, r is silent and so Melbourne would be pronounced as “Mel-buhne”. To shorten it, the Australians even call it “MEL”.

Cannes, France

To start with the pronunciation, the s, in the end, is silent and the pronunciation of c is k, hence, it becomes, “Kanne”.

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