This bullet train is going to say sorry to passengers even if late by couple of mins!

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In a country where trains are known to be extremely late, the country’s bullet train service plans to say ‘sorry’ to each and every passenger in the unlikely event of the train being delayed.

“We will not issue delay certificates because certain things are fundamentally unique to Japan and there is a difference between the two countries and their culture,” he said. The Shinkansen is said to have once apologised for being 20 seconds early.

The Japanese Shinkansen is almost never delayed. (File photo, credits: Indian Exp )

Even after over 50 years of service, the Shinkansen sees an average delay of less then a minute a year.

Construction of the high speed train corridor, which is one of the pet projects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, began in August 2018 is expected to be operational by 2022. The bullet train, which will be India’s first high-speed rail line, will cover a distance of 508 km, at a speed of 320 kmph.

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