President Kovind addresses nation on the eve of 70th Republic Day: Key highlights

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On the eve of 70th Republic Day, President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the nation. Addressing the nation, the president said that this year is important for India as the people born in the 21st century will be voting for the first time in upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Describing this election as a ‘once-in-a-century moment’, President Kovind urged people to cast their votes.

Here are the highlights from his speech-

  • This year is a little extra special. On October 2, we will mark the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who led us – and who inspired oppressed societies in Asia, Africa and elsewhere – to freedom from colonial rule.
  • Once more, as we do every five years, voters will deliver their verdict and write their destiny. This year’s election will be the first when voters born in the 21st century will contribute to electing a new Lok Sabha. Who the voter chooses to vote for is up to him or her, I would only request all eligible voters to go out and vote.

  • India is at the doorstep of eliminating extreme poverty for the first time in memory. A programme of universal and equitable healthcare has begun to be rolled out. Affordable medicines and medical devices and implants are becoming a reality for more and more sections of our people.
  • All Indians have an equal right to the resources of the country, be they of any group, of any community, or of any region.
  • Our daughters are creating a name for themselves in the field of education, art, medicine and sports, and even in the three armies and the field of defence science. In higher learning institutes, the students who have secured medals are more often our daughters than our sons.

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  • Our Republic has come a long way and we must appreciate how far successive generations have brought us. Equally, we must appreciate that our voyage is far from complete. There are still waters to cover, still gaps to fill and still tears to wipe.

I, once again wish all the people of settled in the country and abroad a happy Republic Day and a warm and happy future. Jai Hind! he said extending his wishes to the people of the nation.




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