Decision on Priyanka’s entry into politics was taken some years back: Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that the decision regarding Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into politics was taken some years back. It is a discussion we have been having for a while now, he said. However, Priyanka wanted to do so only after her kids grew up, the Congress leader said while talking at the ‘Odisha Dialogue’ in Bhubaneswar.

In her new role as Congress General Secretary, Priyanka’s main responsibility will be to help revive the Congress Party in UP.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi also said he was unaware of any speculation about his cousin and BJP leader Varun Gandhi joining his party.

In 2019 the opposition will win the elections.

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He said that after the elections the Prime Minister should read the Bhagvad Gita and Swami Nissar Dutta’s ‘I am That’.

Main highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s address are:

  • What has happened in the last five years is devastating to the country.
  • Supreme Court judges are coming out and saying that they are not being allowed to do their job properly. This is unheard of.
  • We believe that India should be run by its 1.2 billion people. We believe that one ideology should not run this country… other ideologies should also be allowed to flourish.

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  • You currently have one institution called the RSS that believes it should be the only institution in the country. “You currently have one institution called the RSS, the mother ship of the BJP, which believes it is the only institution in the country. They want to penetrate into all other institutions and control them,” he said.
  • This mindset has led to chaos everywhere in the country, including areas of judiciary and education, he alleged.
  • He also alleged that the government was trying to sideline Right to Information (RTI) and Lokpal. “Things like the RTI and Lokpal have been sidelined and ignored. RTI empowers the people of the country. It actually is a weapon of the people, which ensures that there is accountability in the bureaucracy,” he said.

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