This British store is selling ‘nothing’ for Valentine’s Day

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The Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away and people have already started planning gifts for their plus one.

In the run-up this, this British retail chain Poundland came up with a unique gift idea as it is selling packets of ‘nothing’ for Valentine’s Day as a gifting option for £1 (nearly ₹100) per unit.

This can be the best gift if your partner says ‘Nothing’ on asking what they want for Valentine’s Day.

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‘Nothing’ consists of an empty plastic heart in packaging with the taglines, ‘exactly what you asked for’ and ‘less is more’. Poundland has called the product ‘just a bit of fun’.

Later Poundland has been accused of creating unnecessary plastic waste by selling this new product.

While some have found it a witty gift funny, on the other hand environmental groups have labelled it ‘a symbol of everything that is wrong with our view of the world.’

Poundland defended the product saying ‘just a bit of fun’.

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