‘It is a joke to say that we will carry BJP on our back,’ says AIADMK leader on alliance

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'It is a joke to say that we will carry BJP on our back,' says AIADMK leader on alliance

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker and AIADMK senior leader M. Thambidurai on Friday dismissed speculations about an alliance with BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as a ‘joke’.

“It is a joke to say that we will carry BJP on our back and help them gain a foothold in Tamil Nadu. We will work to strengthen our party, let them work to strengthen theirs,” Thambidurai told reporters on Thursday.

He substantiated his stance, saying: “What sin has the AIADMK committed to carry BJP on its shoulders? There is no scope for the BJP to establish itself in the state. The AIADMK will strive to ensure for its growth, but will not carry any other party on its shoulders.”

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Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the BJP’s doors are “always open for parties”, sending out a message amid speculations that his party could have poll alliances in Tamil Nadu.

In 2014 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP had formed a six-party alliance comprising smaller parties like DMDK, PMK, and MDMK. The alliance, however, won only two of the 39 seats at stake – one each to BJP and PMK. However, the alliance broke off.

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