Theresa May survives no-confidence motion after Brexit deal defeat

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government on Wednesday, narrowly won a no-confidence vote in the Parliament put forth by the opposition Labour Party, but still faces a battle to keep control of Brexit. This came a day after her government suffered a historic defeat in the Brexit deal vote.

May’s ruling Conservative Party won the confidence motion by 325 votes to 306. A total of 631 MPs had participated in the voting process at the House of Commons, CNN reported.

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The no-confidence motion was tabled by Labour Party leader and Leader of Opposition in the UK Parliament Jeremy Corbyn.

May’s victory in the no-trust vote means that she would remain the British Prime Minister. But uncertainty still looms about the next steps to be taken, after her Brexit deal was voted down.

Following the vote, May remained defiant about her Brexit deal, stating that her government would continue to work to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, as part of the agreement.

“My government will continue to increase our prosperity, guarantee our security and to strengthen our union. And yes, we will also continue to work to deliver on the solemn promise that we made to the people of this country to deliver on the result of the referendum and leave the European Union,” she was quoted by CNN as saying.

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According to the withdrawal agreement, the UK is scheduled to leave the bloc on March 29, 2019, after which it will move into a 21-month long transitional period with the EU.

Furthermore, the British Prime Minister said that she would be holding a series of meetings between MPs and her cabinet ministers.

“I’ve proposed a series of meetings between senior parliamentarians and representatives of the government in the coming days and I would like to invite the leaders of parliamentary parties to meet with me individually and I would like to start these meetings tonight,” May said.

On Tuesday, May’s Brexit deal was voted down by the MPs at the House of Commons by a resounding majority of 230. The deal was voted down by 432 votes to 202, the worst defeat for any sitting government in the UK. Around 118 Conservative Party MPs voted against the withdrawal agreement.

For long, May has been pushing for the Brexit deal to be accepted by the UK Parliament. She has repeatedly stated that “this is a Brexit that delivers.”

May, who dismissed the prospects of a second Brexit referendum also survived a previously held no-confidence motion initiated by her disgruntled lawmakers of the Conservative Party over her handling of the Brexit negotiations last December.

(With ANI inputs)

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