‘Laurel and Hardy’ to be revived as comic book

'Laurel and Hardy' to be revived as comic book
'Laurel and Hardy' to be revived as comic book

The American Mythology Comics announced on Tuesday that they will be launching a new series of Laurel and Hardy later within this year blending both new and classic material focusing on the beloved characters – Laurel and Hardy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will be written by S.A. Check and Jordan Gershowitz and produced by Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation. Jorge Pacheco will do the artwork for the comic book who has previously worked for Pink Panther and Felix the Cat.

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Besides creating new materials, American Mythology Comics plans to reprint the classic comic book material featuring Laurel and Hardy.

Since the debut of the comic book in 1949, DC Entertainment, Dell Comics, and Gold Key Comics have been some of the publishers to release all the material of Laurel and Hardy.

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The first edition of the comic series is expected to release in April this year. Marci Bath, the Vice President of Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation said in a statement, “with the current international release of our new Laurel and Hardy feature film, Stan & Ollie, the timing is perfect to reintroduce Laurel & Hardy Comics to new generations of Laurel and Hardy fans, as well as of course to the millions of existing fans around the world.”

For all those who did not know about Laurel and Hardy, it was a comedy duo act during the early Classical Hollywood Era of American Cinema.


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