Arun Jaitley in US: Slams ‘Compulsive Contrarians’ in a post

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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who is in the US for treatment, ripped into the Congress on Thursday without naming its chief Rahul Gandhi. He slammed ‘compulsive contrarians’ who have ‘no qualms about manufacturing falsehood.’

Jaitley left for the US on Tuesday, which set off speculation that he may be unable to present the interim budget on February 1.

“The Compulsive Contrarians had no qualms about manufacturing falsehood. They could concoct arguments even if they went against the general interest of the country. They could masquerade corruption as crusade. They could adopt double standards whenever it suited them,” Jaitley wrote in a Facebook post, which he tweeted as well.

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“Free speech and the right to dissent are critical components of a democracy but falsehood, subversion and institutional destruction are not,” Jaitley said.

He went on to list examples like ‘the Justice BH Loya case, the Rafale case, the CBI issue, on judges and the RBI debate.’

“Every fact alleged in the public space by the Compulsive Contrarians was manufactured,” Jaitley said on opposition allegations involving Judge BH Loya, who was hearing the Sohrabuddin encounter killing case when he died of a cardiac arrest in 2014. BJP president Amit Shah, an accused in the killing, was discharged in the case.

“The Judge died a natural death due to a cardiac stroke…No outsiders had any contact, and yet on friendly websites, social media campaigns, fake PILs, wild insinuations were made. The cause of the death was sought to be altered into a conspiracy for murder,” said the minister.

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“The right to campaign for stifling funds to the economy in the name of the autonomy (RBI), justifying corruption in the name of institutional independence, attacking Judges when the verdict is not favourable, manufacturing facts as in the case of Judge Loya’s death and the Rafale deal are indicative of the mindset of the Compulsive Contrarians,” he wrote.

He likened attacks on the government with ‘Left-liberals finding fault with actions Mahatma Gandhi took during the freedom movement.’

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