Want to lose weight in 2019? Avoid these common dinner mistakes

Want to lose weight in 2019? Avoid these common dinner mistakes

Is weight loss your 2019 goal? Is it a resolution that you are determined to fulfil? Ever wondered, that why, even after following all the written rules, weight loss is as elusive as a fairy?

Well then, apart from the many processes that you might be following, there will always be some mistakes that you make. And this hampers the weight loss program in totality. One such routine activity is dinner. Many people make the mistake of either eating too much or the wrong type of food for dinner and that forms the boulder in following your regime. As the last meal of the day, it is essential to eat your dinner well.

Here are some tips –

Heavy palate – a big no! –
It is advisable to go light during dinner. A heavy breakfast is the ideal choice, as it starts the day. But by the time night descends, the metabolism slows down. In such a case, a heavy meal only stalls digestion. Whereas, a light meal of clear soup, salad or vegetables helps the process, and increases chances of wright loss. The body, in the sleep mode, doesn’t have to work overtime to break the food consumed.

Less salt –
Eating more than the required amount of salt, especially in dinner, increases the chances of water retention. Curtail it. Even food items like Chinese (that have vinegar in it) should be avoided during evenings, as they cause water retention.

Plate size to be monitored –
Pick up enough food to digest and make you comfortable. Don’t refill. If the size of your plate is large, your brain believes that you haven’t had enough. Tune the brain accordingly.

Plan your meal in advance –
Dinner needs to be thought through in advance, if the goal is to lose weight. Last minute options, mostly, turn out to be the unhealthy ones. Organise the meal in advance, think through the ingredients and leave time for preparations.

Skip desserts –
Tough but doable if your goal is a serious one. Desserts increase sugar rush in the body, make you lose sleep and act strongly on the brain. And if this is a tall order, take a bite of a dark chocolate and slowly phase it out.

Other things to keep in mind –
– Avoid coffee or caffeinated drinks along with dinner. Opt for herbal teas instead.
– Eating in front of a technology gadget like a TV or laptop should be a big no. Studies have shown that people who eat while they are distracted tend to be less aware of how much they ate.
– A late-night meal can cause high blood sugar levels, fat accumulation and ultimately weight gain. A meal should be consumed at least 2-3 hours before you sleep.


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