Trends 2019: Sleepcation, the best way to ‘sleep through’ a vacation!

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Sleepcation – a travel trend that took off at rocket speed in 2018 and continues into 2019 as well.
It talks plentiful about the type and purpose of travel people want to undertake these days. From packed vacations with sightseeing tours and rush from one city to another, people are increasingly wanting to achieve that one big purpose a holiday is supposed to be addressing – relax and rest.
And that’s where the concept of sleepcation comes in.

So, what is Sleepcation? It basically means sleeping it off. It means taking some time off and sleeping (as much as possible) at a resort, hotel or just stay put in your own house. But with a twist and a difference.

With the advancement in work pressures and stress, people want to zone out without the added worry of planning a holiday. It’s a way of balancing the sleep deprivation with oodles of it. Sleep is very important for an individual’s overall wellbeing. Many Indians sleep for only 6.55 hours on an average, says Fitbit, an US-based company. This deficit then translates into bigger health problems. This is one of the main reasons that sleepcations are fast catching up in India too.

But, one way is to stay holed up. The other way, however, is to make them interesting and exciting. Here are some ways in which a simple sleepcation can become a vacation of a lifetime.

A new location –
Some researchers feel that sleepcations work better if you are outside of your normal set up, that is your house. This is because the usual activities continue at home. The bell ringing, the phone interruptions, the help coming in etc. But when you get away, even if it means the local hotel around the corner, it absolves you from all these responsibilities.

Find the perfect location –
Resting also requires a view. A fluffy mattress, a window with a view or a well scented environment can create the right vibes in the brain. It automatically relaxes. Ensure the place you plan a sleepcation is ideal and calm.

After sleepcation, vacationers sense a huge mental relief and are able to focus better at work.

Eliminate the stoppers –
Let your work and usual boulders get cut off completely. So, if you are home, remove the alarms, the clocks. Get the usual buzzers out of the way and remove the WIFI connections. Only then, can a sleepcation be truly experienced.

Reading helps –
Sleepcation doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping all the time. It also means relaxing the mind, indulging in hobbies such as reading, writing or plain gardening. Do things that you haven’t done for a while. Get the chair out in the sun or sit on a rocking chair, but let your brain and body rejuvenate with the perfect recipe.

Netflix it throughout –
Get your own playlist ready. Don up the television space like a theatre. Darken it, get the popcorn going and perk up on your favourite cushion for a night of movies or serials. And post that, sleep well!

Spa resorts are the calling –
Check in into a spa resort. And if you are home, call a professional help to come home and pamper you. Nothing like a relaxed body. Riddance from physical tensions are a great way to relax your mind too.

Cook or order in –
Whatever works for you! But keep it simple, easy and hassle free. Remember the idea is to sleep, relax and be calm.


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