Protest breaks out at Sabarimala as two women try to enter the temple

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Thrinavanathapuram: In the latest development form the Sabarimala row, massive protests broke out near the temple in Kerala in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after two women tried to trek up to the hill shrine.

A large number of protesters surrounded the women around 1 km after they crossed the base camp.

Reportedly, the two women are part of a nine-member group who were on their way to the temple. The group was stopped after they crossed the Pamba base camp.

Meanwhile, one of the women hailing from north Kerala, claimed that she has been getting death threats ever since she began her penance.

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“If they’re trying to scare me away, I am definitely not ready to go back,” she told reporters. “There is Ayyappan there. Ayyappan has no objection to women entering the temple. Why are these people protesting then?” she was quoted in reports..

Activist Rahul Easwaran tweeted:

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was in Kerala on Monday, attacked the Left government in the state over the handling of the Sabarimala temple issue. “The CPM government’s conduct on Sabarimala will go down in history as the most shameful action of any government in power… We know CPM government never respected spirituality, religion… but no one thought it would turn so shameful,” PM Modi said in Kollam.


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