These travel destinations are for everyone

These travel destinations are for everyone
These travel destinations are for everyone

People with reduced mobility can also travel and explore new destinations without any guilt or fear, especially, when they are determined. Though some cities are more accessible than others, here is a list of the best destinations to visit on a wheelchair.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC is one of the most accessible destinations in the world and includes exclusive services and facilities for tourists with reduced mobility. All the museums in the city accommodate people with wheelchairs and other disabilities. Even in many restaurants across the city, there is special seating for with designated street parking options.

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Orlando, Florida

Disney’s Epcot Centre in Orlando is another popular destination for people across the globe.     The Disability Access Service at the amusement park makes it hassle-free for everyone to visit and explore the park. There are suitable rides for the disable-friendly people as well that makes it fun.

London, England

London is also widely known to be an accessible destination for everyone. The double-decker buses that ply on the city’s roads and the popular underground train systems are easy options for the wheelchair-bound visitors with flat sidewalks. Not just this, even the black taxis that you see in London have wheelchair ramps at the doors.

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Berlin, Germany

With scooter and wheelchair-accessible sights, parks, tours, and restaurants, Berlin is recommended-worthy for the disabled-friendly. Jewish Museum and the Berlin Wall can be visited comfortable and easily by them. The famous U-Bahn train and other modes of public transportation accommodates passengers on wheelchairs, too.

Athens, Greece

Though being an old city, Athens has a widely accessible metro system, which is better than its local buses. Most of the major attractions have ramps for people with reduced mobility and Acropolis is one such attraction.

Sydney, Australia

When it comes to destinations with global accessibility, Sydney cannot be missed out. With the help of free beach wheelchair loans, the city can be explored by the wheelchair-bound people. Places such as the Sydney Opera House have exclusive entrances, ramps, and lifts for wheelchair users, along with dedicated seating options.

Kerala, India

When talking about accessibility, Kerala crosses our minds for its facilities. In the year 2016, the Kochi Fort is Kerala was declared as the first disabled-friendly heritage site of India. Specially designed ramps and non-slippery tiles have been made on the walkways to make movement convenient for the disabled.

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