Say hello to Cadillac’s first ‘E-ver’ XT6!

Cadillac is entering the EV segment with its electric crossover and has revealed its design, which made its formal debut on Monday at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The design was revealed during Sunday night’s preview showing the car’s sleek design language, which seems to be inspired from the Escala concept car shown in 2016.

The electric car has minimalistic themes on its inside and the multiple digital screens reflect the futuristic touch to the car.

Cadillac also made mention of a ‘performance sedan’, though it isn’t clear if the brand was referring to an independent model or a version of the upcoming CT4 or CT5, like a V-series model. But Cadillac is focusing on electric cars, including battery- and fuel cell-electric cars, for the near future future, however.

According to reports, Cadillac is entering the EV segment to give a direct fight to the Tesla models.

General Motors plans to make Cadillac into its EV leader in an attempt to lure sales away from Tesla while also countering the onslaught of EVs in the pipeline at the German luxury brands.

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According to reports, the key will be GM’s modular EV platform, which the automaker refers to as BEV3. The platform is the familiar skateboard design where a flat battery sits in the floor and electric motors are mounted at the axles, and GM has said that BEV3 will be able to offer more than 300 miles of range. It will also be able to accommodate everything from compact cars to large, 7-seat luxury SUVs.

Cadillac’s electric crossover is expected to be a mid-size model designed to compete with Tesla’s Model X and offer buyers the choice of two or three rows of seats. The brand has also confirmed that a variety of electric cars based on the BEV3 platform will be added to its lineup.

The launch date for Cadillac’s electric crossover isn’t ascertained but a previous report pegged the launch in 2021.

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