Italy, a paradise of love and food !

Being the birthplace of Romeo and Juliette, makers of Gelato and Tiramisu and host to the only city which sits on water Venezia or Venice Italy is a synonym for Paradise Of Love and Food.

It is considered as the most romantic country in the world. Roaming on the streets of Italy will give you a feel of celebrating Valentines Day everyday. Guitarists and violinists roam the streets singing romantic songs claiming that anyone who pleases them with a little tip God would make their love eternal and forever to remember.

Venezia or Venice is a city on water and little gondola boats moving through the buildings in the water making one feel as if you are sailing in Heaven. This place is a top destination for their honeymooners because there is a very popular church myth that says sailing on the waters of Venice makes your love very powerful,strong and true and that the angels are guiding your life from above the clouds of the most romantic city.

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Woman wearing red designer gown at the entrance to Milan

Italy is also famous for having the world’s tastiest desserts including the traditional Tiramisu,Chocolate Mousse, Banoffee Pie etc. The Tiramisu of McDonald’s in Italy is the tastiest Tiramisu with an authentic local taste and it is available at a very reasonable price. The desserts of McDonald’s in Italy are very tasty and made freshly but most people tend to overlook them and hit on the expensive restaurants.

The local gelato parlours are also famed for serving pure fresh- made gelato ice- cream. Magnum Pleasure Store is an ice cream parlour where fresh Magnums are made by dipping them into hot chocolate and then the local Italian toppings are added making it an excellent blend of Italian ice-cream. It gets less tourists because people get attracted to expensive ice-cream parlours and forget to indulge in the taste of local stalls.

While Venice exceeds in natural beauty, the capital city of Roma or Rome is famed for the famous historical monuments including the historic Colosseum. It also houses the famous Vatican City. Rome has become very popular among archaeologists and historians because it has a deep history surrounding it.

Woman wearing red designer gown at the entrance to Milan
Shopping in Milan

After getting a dose of history, head to Milan that bustles with fashion and is considered as one of the best European cities in terms of fashion and shopping. Displays of famous fashion designers, models and actors looking for a perfect outfit can be found in this city. It is considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe in terms of shopping and good deals are extremely rare to find.

A little university town of Pavia which is a 30 minutes drive south of Milan is extremely quite and serene with sculptural and artistic decorations and buildings including the University History Museum. This town is filled with young and vibrant people who are looking to explore more and innovate things and walking on the streets of Pavia give you a feel of calm and captivating environment with a higher quality of life.

Italy is also home to the only leaning tower in the world popularly known as The Leaning Tower of Pisa which is the main attraction of the small town of Pisa. It is very surprising to see how a tower is leaning on its foot as if it is about to fall any minute but still has the capacity to stand still and capture the attention of tourists and locals alike.

It is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe. This little town is also very economical in terms of souvenir shopping and hiring a local photographer here is not so expensive because it’s entire tourism booms on this leaning tower.

The small, little fishing village of Porto Venere in Italy is known for its natural beauty since it is surrounded by mountains and lakes. Photographers loved it. And when in the village do not miss the delicious sea-food like Fish and chips which are fresh and very crispy and tasty.

Italian food available in local food vans is also very delicious and reasonable made in a traditional way.

the alps

Italy is a year-round destination to visit. In summers monuments and hiking are an option while in winters skiing becomes very popular on the Alps.

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