WATCH: This Eight-year-old girl explains Rafale deal; video goes viral

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WATCH: This Eight-year-old girl explains Rafale deal; video goes viral

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman seems to be amused by an eight-year-old’s version of the Rafale explanation.

In a video that went viral overnight, the girl, identity unknown, is seen explaining the specifications of the difference between “Rahul Gandhi’s version of a Rafale jet” and “PM Modi’s version of a Rafale jet”.

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In the video, the girl picks up the first of two pencil boxes which is empty and says that it’s Rahul Gandhi’s Rafale fighter – indicating a base (non-weaponised) aircraft, quoting a price of Rs 720 crore. She then picks up the other pencil box, which is full of stationery. This is Modiji’s plane, she says, adding that it’s packed with advanced technology and weaponry, quoting its price as Rs 1600 crore.

Later, Sitharaman retweeted the post and thanked the girl for her interest in the Rafale deal. “Thanks for posting this. My special thanks to this smart young lady (dear child, if affection permitted) for taking interest in the matter of fighter aircraft Rafale. My good wishes for her to fly one of them as a trained fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force,” she said in her tweet.

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