CES 2019: Handsfree sex toy wins and loses robotic innovation award

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CES 2019: Handsfree sex toy wins and loses robotic innovation award

In the midsts of the world’s largest tech shows which is underway in Las Vegas, the CES 2019 came under the spotlight when revoked the Innovation Awards Honoree in the Robotics and Drone product category which was awarded to the ‘female-focused’ sex toy-Osé massager-developed by startup Lora DiCarlo.

The award was taken back over the claims that it was ‘immoral, obscene, indecent or profane’.

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Osé massager is claimed to be the world’s first hands-free product designed for ‘blended’ orgasms – a combined clitoral and g-spot (vaginal) orgasm.

Founder Lora Haddock accused the organisers of sexism and bias adding that ‘a literal sex doll for men launched on the floor at CES in 2018’.

According to the company, ‘Osé was granted a CES 2019 Innovation Award in robotics by a panel of independent expert judges for its cutting-edge technology.”

The honour was short-lived, however. A month later the almost entirely female team of engineers were informed that the administrators at CES and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – the show’s owner and producer – were revoking the award.


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