‘Be a man and answer my question’, Rahul Gandhi to PM Modi over Rafale

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Rahul Gandhi, after a misogynist comment on the Defence Minister, earlier on Wednesday in a rally in Jaipur, has launched a fresh attack on Prime Minister Modi, asking him to ‘man up’ and answer his question on the Rafale deal.

He tweeted, “With all due respect Modi Ji, in our culture respect for women begins at home. Stop shaking. Be a man and answer my question: Did the Air Force and Defence Ministry object when you bypassed the original Rafale deal? Yes? Or No?”

The Gandhi scion is facing backlash for ridiculing the Prime Minister, saying the latter could not even come to Parliament for a minute to respond to questions posed on the Rafale deal and asked a lady (Sitharaman) to save him ( ek mahila say kaha meri raksha kiijiye).

Prime Minister Modi, while addressing a rally in Agra, had claimed that Rahul’s attack on Sitharaman was an insult to women power.

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“Our defence minister exposed the opposition in the parliament. Now the opposition is stumped to an extent that they have gone down to insulting a female defence minister. This is not her insult, but is an insult to the women power,” he had said.

Unhappy with Rahul’s comments, National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Rekha Sharma tweeted, ” What is Rahul Gandhi trying to imply with his misogynistic statement- “… ek mahila say kaha meri raksha kiijiye.”? Does he think women are weak? The irony – calling an accomplished Defence Minister of the largest democracy a weak person.

(With ANI inputs)

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