UP student hacks Google drive, blackmails others; arrested

Hacker typing on a laptop

A 21 year old student in Uttar Pradesh has been arrested for committing a cybercrime and blackmailing. The BSc student hacked into the Google drive of another student, accessing his photographs and demanding a ransom.

Auariya police solved the case and arrested 21 year old BSc student, Dheeraj – son of Shrikrishan – for this crime.

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Sharing the details of the modus operandi Prof Triveni Singh, SP Auraiya, said that on January 1, 2019, a college student Nikhil Pratap Singh complained that he was being blackmailed by someone over WhatsApp for a ransom of Rs 30,000.

Within five days the surveillance and cyber police teams cracked the case and arrested Dheeraj. Police learnt that Dheeraj used a hacking trick to log into the Nikhil’s personal accounts on phone.

Dheeraj found the mobile number of the victim through a Whatsapp group called Hayat and then tried the same number to login to gmail and facebook accounts.

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Using some personal details, Dheeraj cracked Nikhil’s gmail password. Then Dheeraj accessed the google drive of the victim where personal photographs were stored.

Since gmail was the default recovery email of the facebook account, Dheeraj could also hack into Nikhil’s facebook account. He then started sending messages to Nikhil’s gmail contacts.

By now Dheeraj had enough information and he ws sure that the photographs could be used to blackmail the victim. Dheeraj then created a virtual WhatsApp number (+181912011472) using free online services. He sent threatening message to victim saying that if he didn’t pay Rs 30,000 then Dheeraj would start sending the pictures to his gmail contacts.

When Nikhil ignored these messages initially, Dheeraj sent some of his personal photographs to the victim and to his father and sister.

Nikhil then approached police for help. Prof Triveni Singh took a quick action and aligned a cyber-police and surveillance team to investigate the matter.

Police first recovered the gmail and facebook passwords of the victim and then traced the IP addresses of the previous logins of his accounts. Within 5 days, police traced the details of criminal’s mobile numbers and device IDs.

“In this case, as the password of the victim was very easy to crack, We should keep our passwords strong and different for different accounts” said Prof Triveni Singh , SP, Auariya.

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