WATCH: This IAF officer sets 4-national records as he dives from 24,000 ft

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WATCH: This IAF officer sets 4-national records as he dives from 24,000 ft

While our armed forces are always ready for the toughest situations, at the same time they touch new feat every now and then making the country proud. This time it is wing commander Gajanand Yadava of the Indian Airforce made a total of four national records.

The Indian Air Force shared an electrifying video of him ‘flying’ notifying how the wing commander made national records of wingsuit skydiving jump.

A wingsuit is a one-piece garment that allows a person to ‘fly’ or more like glide through the winds in a free fall.

The first record was that he undertook the first ever wingsuit skydive jump from high-speed aircraft (An-32) in India. Second, he did the highest wingsuit jump from an altitude of 24400 ft and night wingsuit jump from 8000 ft.

And finally, he became the only jumper in India to undertake high altitude night wingsuit jump from 12000 ft, opening chute at 3000 ft after doing wingsuit flying for 9000 ft. The jumps were carried out over Malpura Dropzone, Agra from An-32 aircraft.

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Wing Commander V Baliga, Yadava’s colleague, too glided in the air along with him and filmed the thrilling video


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