Hyundai to make a grand entry in the CES 2019 with its walking car

Hyundai seems to be in a ‘new year, new beginnings’ mode with a concept crazy enough to take the crown of concepts this year.

The South Korean automaker teased the Hyundai Elevate walking car concept which will be unveiled at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week, in Las Vegas Convention Centre.

The concept will be a combination of the power of an electric car and the capability of robotics to rethink where cars can travel, as per Hyundai.

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It features long robotic legs with small wheels to traverse various types of terrain. The teaser image shows the Elevate as a search and rescue vehicle of sorts as the tiny wheels climb over rubble and bricks.

Apart from Hyundai, Honda presented the Autonomous Work Vehicle prototype, based on the idea of robotic and autonomous vehicles as workhorses, in December 2018. It will also make its debut at the 2019 CES. The prototype builds off the 3E-D198 autonomous ATV concept shown at last year’s show and begins life as one of the company’s regular ATV models.

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Hyundai is slated to present its design concept and a prototype of the walking car at its press conference on 7th January.

The CES will open to the public on 8th January and will conclude on 11th January.

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