Google Chrome set to add native dark mode for Windows desktops

Google Chrome will be adding the native dark mode for the Windows desktops after Google was spotted preparing a dark theme specifically for the Chrome browser for macOS Mojave.

The native dark mode support enables Chrome users to experience a comfortable web browsing experience on a Windows machines especially in low lighting conditions. The company already added a dark mode to its various offerings, including Android and YouTube. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is also supporting an option to enable a system-wide dark mode for a long time. Windows 10 already has a preloaded dark mode.

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“For desktop, native dark mode support is in progress; in the meantime, we generally suggest people [to] use a dark theme,” Senior Chrome Engineer and a member of the Chromium team at Google Peter Kasting said in a Reddit thread revealing the ongoing development around native dark mode support for desktops.

Kasting’s latest comment on Reddit confirms that the Chrome team will be adding a dark mode for desktops even as he didn’t provide any details around a similar experience in progress for mobile devices.

“The mobile platforms are different teams, and I don’t have visibility there,” he stated.

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