Congress launches attack on PM Modi; shoots follow up questions post-interview

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Congress launches attack on PM Modi; shoots follow up questions post-interview

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s big interview to the newswire ANI created a buzz in the political corridors since Monday evening. Few moments after the interview was aired the opposition Congress party in a pressed called it a ‘monologue interview’ where he only spoke about “I, me, mine and myself”.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said that the Prime Minister had left many questions unanswered.

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“It was much ado about nothing,” Surjewala said, listing several questions to the PM Modi based on promises BJP made during 2014 election campaign.

Here are few follow-up questions by Congress’ for PM Modi post-interview:

  • “First, tell us Modi ji, did people get Rs. 15 lakh in bank accounts or not? You had promised to bring back Rs. 80 lakh crore black money in first 100 days. Has even a rupee of that come back after 55 months?”
  • “You had promised 2 crore jobs every year. In 55 months, that would mean 9 crore jobs. Have you even created 9 lakh jobs in India?”
  • “Your demonetisation helped those with black money by letting them convert it to white. It was a 3.5 lakh crore blow for the economy, looted years of savings from lakhs of women and caused the deaths of 120 people who stood in bank queues. Who will account for it?”
  • “The jumla was to give farmers cost plus 50% profit. But did the farmer even recover the costs, never mind the profit?”
  • “You had promised to simplify business. But why did you strike them by making GST a Gabbar Singh Tax?”
  • “In Jammu and Kashmir, 428 jawans have died and 278 civilians have died in the last 55 months. 248 jawans and 378 people killed in Maoist attacks. Why did you imperil national security?”
  • “Is it not true that corruption today has scaled new heights? From the everyday life of the common man to the Rs. 30,000 crore Rafale scam. And if nothing is wrong then why are you dodging a joint parliamentary committee probe?”
  • “Is Ganga ma clean now? Your central pollution board says in 38 out of 49 spots, the river is still as dirty. How many smart cities out of 100 have you built? Maybe not even one.”
  • “What happened to Start Up India, Stand Up, Skill India and Make in India? NITI Aayog says manufacturing growth is 0.5 per cent.”
  • “And why are fuel prices so high despite global crude prices falling? Are these your achhe din (good days)?”


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