Best countries to travel alone in 2019

Whether you are travelling alone for the first time or enjoy travelling solo, travelling alone can be truly memorable and fun. Looking at the world at your own speed and exploring new places the way you like to is a wonderful experience. Imaging travelling without an itinerary or someone reminding you repeatedly of what to do next. In the world, there are plenty of incredible places that are also safe that are waiting to be explored.

Here is a list of the best places to travel alone in 2019:

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Malaga in Spain is a splendid destination for solo travel that comprises a buzzing food, cultural, and spectacular art scene. The day adventures are worth discovering as well. You can start your day with watching the scenic old town architecture, followed by a visit to the Picasso Museum. End the day with a lip-smacking meal at one of the buzzing restaurants with the locals there.


Vietnam may seem to be a long route to travel alone for the first time, however, do not consider this factor to be a problem. This country is a back-packer’s preferred choice. The country is popular for its geographic diversity, cultural blend, friendly locals, and delectable food.


Chile, known for its safety is what attracts solo travellers, both men and women. Inspite of being a vast country, it is easy to get around to places in Chile. A huge hostel culture exists in the country and single occupancy rooms are easily available for solo travellers ranging from basic to luxury which offers a huge chance to meet new people and make friends.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a recommended option for solo travel in this year owing to the safety and scenic beauty that you would like to experience alone in the lap of nature. City tour buses are an easy way to get to different places within Costa Rica. From indulging in water sports to visiting sites such as sanctuaries, parks, forests, and hot springs, there is a myriad to things to do here.


Switzerland, known for its old world charm, it might be extremely expensive to visit with a group, however, if you travel alone, you can cut down the expenses by half and plan a trip. The country has a sound navigation system, is safe, and has a lot to see and explore. When travelling alone, you usually do not need to worry about how to travel and may leave aside some comforts as well.

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