Travel trends for 2019; the rise of the conscious tourist

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2018 has been a year of travel awareness, where travel trends surprised one and all and 2019 promises to take this trend forward. It’ll be the year of weekend travel, packing in more in less time and the rise of the conscious traveller.

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People will be open to experimenting with locations and traveling to more environmentally friendly places. With improved flight routes, local transport and different types of accommodation options, 2019 will be a year of travel.

So, here are the main travel trends for 2019.

Travel and safety –
With increased political activity around the world, the main criteria for travel decisions will revolve around safety. Locations with high gender and ethnic tolerance, global compatibility and safe boundaries will be essential.

The year of travel information
2019 will see the rise of intelligent travellers. They would want information, recommendations and options on their fingertips. Digital tour guides, AI empowered websites and specialised services will be sought after. The experience of a travel will be paramount.

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Desire to learn –
Travel trends and research also show that people will want locations that have new experiences to offer. Going back to tried and tested venues will see a decline. Skill based holidays will be on the rise.

The millennial travel –
The millennials’ will call the shorts. With more youngsters acquiring money as a result of starting work early and being more experimental, the idea will be to discover new places, explore new experiences, try out new cuisines and interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
The passionate traveller will be the main type for 2019.

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Remote is in –
Gone will be the days of traveling to uber cosmopolitan cities, hopping in and out of city squares and standing in queues at tourist spots. People will venture to more off beat places, remote destinations and adventure zones.

The family that travels together, stays together –
2019 will unravel the joy of bringing far flung families together. With busy routines, nuclear families and a jet set life, people will increasingly look at holidays as a way of getting together with their loved ones.
Multi-tiered family reunions will be the ace in the pack.
Travel agents and companies have reported a high rise in the demand for large family package tours. The locations will also need to be child and adult friendly.

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Environmental responsibility –
Pollution, global warming and other devastation’s are clouding us with each passing day. Most of these hard-hit locations are the ones with maximum tourist onslaught.
The eco-system is getting impacted in unimaginable proportions. Tourists and the new age traveller are aware of this. 2019 will see this awareness reach a new height.
The number of responsible travellers demanding sensitive travel packages will increase. People will be more conscious about the environment as they travel for pleasure in 2019.

Rise of new locations –
Locations like Egypt will see tourists returning to the country as political stability returns in small quarters.
Croatia, Slovenia, Russia and Romania will be the other sought-after places. Shorter breaks to nearby places will be on the rise.

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2019 will be the year of the aware traveller. Hopefully, it will finally reveal the happy, indulgent, yet environmentally friendly traveller, who will contribute to not just growth in tourism but also with long term positive effects.


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