Your personality can predict where you should travel in 2019

Your personality can predict where you should travel in 2019
Your personality can predict where you should travel in 2019

Different people fancy different type of places. One set of people may be excited by beaches or nature, while another may enjoy being on the hills or trying some adventure. It is not a bad idea to connect to places that would suit your personality and plan your vacations accordingly, well in advance.

Even while making your itineraries, you should consider this fact that your personality could decide your itinerary. So, here is a list of destinations you could visit in the coming year based on your personality.

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Couch potatoes

If you are the one who likes to laze around and just simply unwind or catch up on your lost sleep, beaches or towns where people live a slow-paced life would be ideal for you to visit in 2019. Snuggle in your blankets or laze on the beach and sun bathe without anyone looking at you is what you should be looking at.

Bali – Bali in Indonesia is the place for a rejuvenation vacation and be it three nights or five nights, you can just do nothing here and still have a memorable time. The numerous beaches and lip-smacking food will leave you satisfied.

Bora Bora – Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia surrounded by crystal blue water and sand-islets. It has several luxury resorts and villas for all age groups.

Other recommendations – Caribbean Islands, Goa, Auroville, and Alleppey.

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If you are looking for romantic adventures for a dreamy and magical vacation with your partner, there’s nothing better than a long walk and fine food and wine. Your destinations would be peaceful and beautiful.

Iceland – The open hot baths invite for a lovely experience with your special one to Iceland. Reykjavik runs on geothermal power and is a great place for romantic vacationers.

Cape Town – From romantic eateries to trendy shops, spectacular views, and the luxury cruises, there’s a lot you can do in Cape Town on a romantic vacation.

Other recommendations – Seychelles, Manali, and Lakshadweep

Offbeat travellers

Do you like things to be done differently and uniquely? Are you one of those who likes impromptu travel scenes or like to explore the unusual, there are some destinations that are especially for you.

Chembra Peak – Chembra Peak provides a scenic view of Wayanad as well as parts of Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Nilgiri districts. It is a beautiful destination for offbeat travellers.

Ziro Valley – Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is known for its natural beauty and is known to be one of the prettiest landscapes across India owing to the layered rice fields, rivers, and picture-perfect villages.

Other recommendations – Daman & Diu, Malta, Norway and Bahamas

Adventure lovers

If you enjoy the real adrenaline rush, it might be difficult for you to keep up with travellers of a different mindset. Adventure travellers are full of life and high on energy and get the real bliss when trying new experiences. For activities such as bungee jumping to scuba diving, there are some places you should definitely try.

Spain – For extreme water sports, Spain is the perfect location for the adventure enthusiasts. From surfing to walking the Picos, cycling, scuba and sky diving, paragliding, and wild swimming, you can bring out the real adrenaline rush in you.

Leh – Bike till Leh and indulge in the heart-wrenching activities. Trek to Chadar or go camping in Ladakh and raft in Zanskar Valley.

Other recommendations – Colombia, Zambia, Spiti and Andaman

Art lovers

If you love music, art, writing, and would like to visit a destination that has a rich culture and, there are many options for you. The coming year will offer you tremendous choices for a holiday. Get inspired by more art and fall in love with it in Paris, Lake Como and more.

Lake Como – Lake Como, situated in Northern Italy is popular for its dramatic scenery and is home to the Renaissance architecture. It is also known as the land of Italian artists and architects and drives a crowd of art lovers to experience the destination.

Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo in Brazil invites tourists that appreciate art and culture. The graffitti-filled streets and architectural museums, you can explore the culture in its real way in Sao Paulo.

Other recommendations – Paris, Khajuraho, Iraq, and Gangtok

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