Six New Year resolutions kids should strive for in 2019

Six New Year's resolutions kids should strive for in 2019
Representational Image. Six New Year's resolutions kids should strive for in 2019

As the New Year is round the corner, have you thought of the resolutions to make for 2019? If not, this is the time to think. Resolutions would encourage and motivate you to do something good in the year ahead.

A New Year’s resolution is basically a tradition, most common in the western countries that is also gaining pace in India. In this, a person makes a resolution or a promise to change a habit or traits of their’s in order to improve their life in the next year. It is said that one should not share their resolutions with others in order to fulfill them successfully.

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For those kids who have yet not got an idea for a resolution, here are some:

  • One resolution that you can make is to take care of your belongings. It is important to understand that things have a place and that they should be respected.
  • Another resolution that can be thought of is helping your parents in the household chores, starting with the kitchen. It is always better to start early and make a mess than to be spoon-fed or being pampered till a point that they fear taking responsibilities.
  • Empty your bags after coming back from school or college. Do not let your parents empty them for you. Moreover, bags can breed germs, so hygiene is also a concern here.

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  • It might be the right time to make a new friend. Remember, the friends you make in your childhood would be your lifelong friends as well. It would be easier to bond over a common craft than an activity at work.
  • Start a new activity in 2019. It could be dance, music, sports, or any recreational activity. You could change it, if you do not like it, but at least try.
  • If you are too much into junk food, you could eliminate an item from it such as a potato snack. Replace it with a healthier option or like a fruit or vegetable and stick to it.

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