Is snoring giving you sleepless nights? Try these simple remedies

Is snoring giving you sleepless nights? Try these simple remedies
Is snoring giving you sleepless nights? Try these simple remedies

Snoring is a common issue and affects the people those who suffer from it as well as those sleep next to them. While snoring occasionally is natural that many people experience, it is a serious issue for some people. The issue is also called sleep apnoea. More than a habit, it can become a serious sign of an underlying health condition.

On a lighter note, those who have a problem of snoring are often made fun of at public gatherings. A snoring partner usually keeps the other person away from a good night’s sleep.

The most common causes of snoring are smoking, drinking alcohol, enlarged tonsils, being overweight, nasal polyps, seasonal allergies, sinus, respiratory infection, eating too close to bedtime, and chronic mouth breathing.

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Here are some simple remedies to stop snoring and sleeping peacefully.

Change the position in which you sleep

When you lie on your back when sleeping, the base of the tongue and the soft palate collapse towards the back of the throat causing the vibrating snoring sound to occur while sleeping. Sleeping on your side can help in reducing snores.

Weight loss

If you are overweight, you may consider losing weight. You need to observe first whether you have started snoring after gaining weight or was it a problem from before. If the weight gain happens around the neck, the internal diameter of the throat gets squeezed and triggers snoring.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol or other intoxicants reduce the resting tone of the muscles at the back of the increasing the chances of snoring. If you think that drinking four to five hours before sleeping would make it better, it is not true, rather, it makes the snoring worse.

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Change the pillow

There could be allergens in your room that also get into your pillow, that may trigger snoring at night. It might be time to change your pillows and try the trick.

Improve your sleep hygiene

Poor sleeping habits can also result in snoring. If you work long hours without sleeping enough, would without any doubt make you overtired. Stabilize your sleep pattern and you might feel better.

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