These food and beverage trends of 2019 are sure to leave your hunger pangs tickling

These food and beverage trends of 2019 are sure to leave your hunger pangs tickling
These food and beverage trends of 2019 are sure to leave your hunger pangs tickling

The holiday season is in full swing which is indicative of the new year round the corner. While you begin planning for the year ahead, look back at the way you maintained your boy throughout 2018. As we move ahead, lets have a look at what and how people will eat and drink in 2019.

Wine water

According to predictions, wine water will be in huge demand next year. Wine water is basically fruit-flavoured water infused with red grape skins and extracts found in red wine. The extracts are usually added to make wine to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The interesting part is that there is no alcohol in the water.

Nootropic foods

Nootropic are drugs, supplements, and other products that help to improve cognitive function related to memory, creativity, and motivation in healthy individuals. Nootropic foods are gaining popularity worldwide and will be seen as a primary food trend in the coming year. Some of the commonly consumed food items containing nootropics include eggs, salmon, dark chocolate, and turmeric.

Ugly food

Now that people are aware of wastage of fruits and vegetables, ugly food or ugly produce may be seen as a raging trend in 2019. You may see a variety of imperfect looking fruits and vegetables that may have been wasted in the past to taste better than the pretty looking ones.

Food and drinks infused with CBD oil

CBD oil is the oil made of Cannabidiol. It is a chemical found in marijuana, which means that marijuana will be indirectly legal next year. The oil is extensively used to handle physical pain, anxiety, depression, and stress and will be a part of menus in smoothies, cocktails, and sauces.

Foil packed dinners

With people getting busier and more casual, foil packing will be replacing crockery and cutlery for serving dinners to make cleaning up easier after the meals. This will not only catch up at homes, but will also be seen at restaurants. This will reduce the effort of washing dishes, bowls, and pots.

Lab-grown meat

Plant-based organic meat will replace animal meat in 2019 and will bring about a change in the way you see food. The way this will be done is through plucking out one or two cells from an animal, instead of killing the entire animal and using it to replace real meat. This will eliminate the slaughterhouses and ranches, however, the taste of the food is still to be thought about.

Home eating

More people will prefer eating at home owing to the stable grocery rates and the increase in the prices when eating out. While there are still people who spend half of their income in food from outside, the other half vouches for food at home. However, this trend is not confined to daily extensive cooking. Many supermarkets sell meal kits or packed food that can be made ready within no time.



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