Soon, a smartphone app will be able to tell how drunk you are

Partied hard, drunk a bit and unsure if you’re fit to drive? Well, you can soon find the answer to this with just a smartphone app.

A team from of IIT-Ropar are working on a new first of it kind smartphone application that would enable a person to check the amount of liquor consumed and can help determine if he/she is ‘drunk’ according to the conventional definition.

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The app would be fed with videos of people at various stages of intoxication. It would help the app determine if a user is drunk. Through artificial intelligence, the app would tell a person if he/she is drunk.

“We are in the process of developing an application, which could be downloaded on Android-enabled smartphones. It would tell a user how much liquor he has consumed and if he is under the influence of alcohol.”, said Dr Abhinav Dhal, assistant professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Ropar speaking to the media.


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