Six reasons to visit the Reunion Island on your next vacation

Six reasons to visit the Reunion Island on your next vacation
Six reasons to visit the Reunion Island on your next vacation

The Reunion Island is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is one of the most exciting spots on earth to visit. Though not as popular as Mauritius, Seychelles, or Madagascar, it still maintains its own charm. The island has been inhabited since the 16th century and is considered as a prosperous destination for travellers.

The island is popular among the French, however, there are still many around the world who are clueless about this mystical destination.

Owing to the the active volcano on its south coast, the vast stretches of warm and pleasant beaches in the west, and the mountains and forests in the middle, there is a lot to explore and do at the Reunion Island.

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Though there are plenty of reasons to visit the Reunion Island, here are the top six reasons we know that we know for sure would tempt you.

Convenience of visa

Getting a visa for the Reunion Island is very simple and convenient. For Indians, there is no visa application required prior to the arrival, however, on arriving, they can get a visa if they plan to stay for up to fifteen days. They need to carry their accommodation vouchers or the booking confirmations to show during immigration upon arrival.

Direct flights to the Island

There are direct flights to reach the island and from France there are domestic flights that are available for tourists. For Indians, direct flights from Chennai to St Denis De La Reunion are available.

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Nature at its best

From mountains and forests to beaches and pristine lowlands, the picturesque landscape of the Reunion Island is welcoming. The active basaltic volcano of Piton de la Fournaise is the main attraction of this island along with Trou de Fer, a scenic canyon and Piton Maïdo, a volcanic peak, Piton des Neiges, the highest point in Reunion Island.

Things to do

If we talk about activities, there are plenty of them at the Reunion Island, especially for adventure lovers such as horseback riding, diving, hiking, and mountain biking. Even for the moderate adventurers, there are several activities such as treks and walking trails.

Food completes a vacation

The traditional cari is what one should definitely dig into while holidaying at the Reunion Island. Owing the influences of India, Europe, and Africa, you can find a mix of different cultures in the food served here. Cari is a type of curry that is savoured by locals and tourists alike.

365 days tropical destination

Usually, to visit a destination, there is a suitable time, however, for this destination, you will not need to think about this factor at all. The island is an all 365 days tropical destination, depending on the extent of humidity you can handle. Do check the holiday calendars though, as on national holidays almost everything remains shut here.

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