Eight fun things to do at an ‘all girls’ sleepover

Eight fun things to do at an 'all girls' sleepover
Eight fun things to do at an 'all girls' sleepover

Are you planning or attending a sleepover party? These parties are enjoyed by girls of all ages and there are several activities that can make the party fun and happening.

In order to make your sleepover one to remember, here is a list of fun activities to do at an ‘all girls’ sleepover.

DIY salon at home

For a sleepover, convert your living room into a mini-salon. DIY makeovers can make your party memorable. Apply makeup on each other and try your hands on hair styling. You can also indulge in spas, pedicures, and manicures with the self-help kits available in the markets.

Movie marathon

Watching a series of movies could be a great idea of spending time during a sleepover with your girl gang. You could also stir up a bowl of popcorn to enjoy the movies more. Imagine starting the first movie at 9.00 PM and ending the last movie at 4.00 AM.

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Movie making

You could pull out your video camera and prepare some props to make a short film through the night. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Make a two to three minute film on your favourite theme and then upload it on YouTube.

Organize a beach party at home

Of course, you cannot have a sea at home, but can wear floral bandanas and cotton or silk sarongs. Play beach Latin music and savour pineapple based drinks and dishes. You could do fresh fruit salad or a Pina Colada for an extra feel of a beach party.

Karaoke station

Get a karaoke station at home and enjoy singing your favourite song with the instrumental tracks in the karaoke. You could accompany the activity with some delicious munchies and drinks. Have a competition or sing together.

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Prepare midnight snacks

When you are awake all night, the natural tendency is to feel hungry. So, with your friends, you can prepare some snacks for the midnight and gorge on them while sharing your secrets.

Fashion show at home

Ask your friends to come dressed or get some clothing items with them and have a fashion show without a ramp. The winners can be decided through mutual voting as finding judges would be difficult.

Have an indoor campout

If you have a corner of your house that can be converted into a campout such as fireplace or your garden where you can light fire. Turn on torch lights or flash lights of your phones and recite horror stories to make the night spooky yet fun. If one of the friends feels scared, you have a bigger reason to enjoy.

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