Did you know direct and non-stop flights are different?

Did you know direct and non-stop flights are different?
Did you know direct and non-stop flights are different?

If you hear the terms ‘direct’ and ‘non-stop’, it would come naturally to you that they are both the same. However, what if we change your thinking? What if we tell you that non-stop and direct flights are different? There is actually a difference between the two and knowing what it is could actually help you in booking your next flight.

A direct flight has a single flight which can stop at a point, however, carry on the journey in the same flight till the destination. The stops could be one or more. This type of flight stops at intermediate points where some passengers can get off or on the plane or for any technical needs such as refueling.

Another type of direct flight is one in which passengers are required to change the planes with the same numbers. In this case, the plane will change but the flight number would remain the same.

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A non-stop flight, on the other hand, does not make stops from the origin to the destination points. A majority of travellers prefer this type of flight since it reduces the time.

A non-stop flight is usually more expensive than a direct flight but more expensive than connecting flights. A connecting flight has one or more stops with different flight numbers. The halt time can vary from a few minutes to a few hours on a connecting flight.

One way to check if your flight is direct or non-stop is to check the duration of the flight on the booking website before checking the details. If it is a direct flight, the time shown in the details would be more and for a non-stop flight, the usual time will be mentioned.

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So, the next time, you need to book a flight, keep this in mind and decide whether you need a direct or a non-stop flight.

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