Amsterdam erases “I Amsterdam” sign?

Amsterdam erases
Amsterdam erases "I Amsterdam" sign?

If you have visited Amsterdam or know about the place, you would also know about the popular ‘I Amsterdam’ sign made in the middle of the city where tourists enjoy taking selfies. The Instagram accounts are flooded with the selfies of those who have been to the city.

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However, the council jointly took the decision to remove the last six letters from the sign out of the fear of encouraging mass tourism, according to reports. The removal of the letters is the latest development towards the city’s attempt to curb flooding of tourism. Upon removal, the letters will be used at other unknown attractions like the Student Hostel in Amsterdam and in other places.

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It is estimated that by the end of this year, the average tourism count would see 20 million visitors in total. Besides the removal of the sign, several other campaigns have been spread around the city by the tourism bureau of the city including encouraging travellers to visit other districts around Amsterdam, live streaming used to portray the rush witnessed in the city.

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