Think before the ink: Tattoos could be dangerous

Think before the ink: Tattoos could be dangerous
Think before the ink: Tattoos could be dangerous

Getting a tattoo is the latest fashion fad and is immensely popular among all age groups. From designs such as symbols of the galaxy, those oozing style, those that depict meanings through animal symbols, love symbols, tattoos are meant to depict something lovely or emotional.

Although, the trend is catching up at a fast pace, people get their bodies inked for a number of reasons, however, a lot of thought needs to go into getting them done and those getting the tattoos made need to be mentally and emotionally prepared. While, tattoos look fancy and interesting, there are various health risks that come along with them.

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The tattoo artists use equipment and dyes that can have serious health complications such as skin infections and other diseases. The concept of making tattoos is peeling the skin off and inserting needles or guns in the part of the body the tattoo is made.

Here are some severe consequences of getting inked:

Risk of Hepatitis

Getting a tattoo comes with the risk of Hepatitis which is usually caused by sharing needles that are not cleaned properly before using. Before getting a tattoo, it is recommended to consult a skin specialist.

Avoid bacterial infections

You should know the artist you are going to and he or she should be reliable and known for their cleanliness of equipment as unhygienic needles can cause more germs that directly enter the body.

Increased risk of skin cancer

The ink, dye, colour and other chemicals used in tattoos can be harmful as leading to skin cancer. In case, you have got a tattoo done and feel that the ink is causing harm to your skin, consult a doctor immediately.

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If you have a tattoo, or plan to get one done, here are some basic techniques to follow which the artists also might not tell you:

  • When washing the part with the tattoo, use a mild soap and gently pat the area, in stead of rubbing it.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight can be harmful for the tattooed skin for the first two days of getting it.
  • For the tattooed skin, purchase a good quality mild moisturiser that suits your skin.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that could stick to the skin such as synthetic. Best fabrics are cotton, soft wool, and silk.
  • Refrain from swimming till the tattoo gets completely healed.

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