Earphones recommended! NASA’s InSight picked up the first sounds on Mars

NASA released the first- ever ‘sounds’ of winds on Mars, that were picked up by the InSight spacecraft. The InSight made a landing on the Red Planet on 26th November.

NASA’s InSight lander, captured a deep and low rumble caused by the vibrations from the wind, that were estimated to be blowing at a speed of 16 to 40 kmph from northwest to southeast, according to the agency.

“An air pressure sensor and a seismometer recorded the noise through the vibrations in the air and vibrations around the aircraft caused by the wind moving over the spacecraft’s solar panels”, said NASA.

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InSight’s landing is a part of NASA’s mission to explore the planet’s deep interior and  the craft will stay put until November 24, 2020, measuring quakes that happen anywhere on Mars.

The sensors on the InSight are designed to detect quakes and air pressure through wind vibrations and it will measure whether tremors have the same effect as earthquakes or not. The scientists will use the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS), to gain a better understanding about the planet’s interior.

“Capturing this audio was an unplanned treat. But one of the things our mission is dedicated to is measuring motion on Mars, and naturally that includes motion caused by sound waves,” Bruce Banerdt, the InSight principal investigator at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a statement.

NASA recommends earphones or subwoofer to hear the bass sound better.

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