Don’t want Pakistan to be treated like a hired gun: PM Imran Khan

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Don’t want Pakistan to be treated like a hired gun: PM Imran Khan

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has said that he doesn’t want to be hired guns for the US and instead wants a proper relationship with them.

Khan revealed that he wants a ‘proper relationship’ with the US and not the one where ‘Pakistan is treated like a hired gun’, and given money to fight US’ wars for them, in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

He said that these wars not only costed Pakistan human lives and devastation of tribal areas, but also their dignity. He further added that Pakistan’s relationship with China is not one-dimensional. He said “It’s a trade relationship between two countries. We want a similar relationship with the U.S.”

After years in the opposition and then as a member of the coalition government in Islamabad, Imran Khan has finally acquired office in Pakistan. The newly elected Prime Minister has taken over the leadership along with a great deal challenges for his country, including poverty, corruption and terrorism.

Earlier this week, President Trump had written a letter to the Pakistani Prime Minister asking for his help to bring the Afghan Taliban to peace talks. Trump was engaged in  a Twitter feud recently with Khan and also cut off Pakistan’s $300 Billion military aid.

In the same interview with Washington Post, he said “who would allow a drone attack in their country when, with one attack, you kill one terrorist and 10 friends and neighbors? Has there ever been a case of a country being bombed by its own ally? Of course I objected to it.” He was replying to a questioned about his statement against the US drone attacks on Pakistan.

The Pakistani PM also said the he hopes to resume talks with India regarding the relationship between the two countries and aims at making Pakistan an equitable, just society.


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