This 7-step guide can make your destination wedding perfect

This 7-step guide can make your destination wedding perfect
This 7-step guide can make your destination wedding perfect

Now that you have picked your destination for the wedding, the next step would be to figure out a plan to make the wedding perfect. However, before you take off and tie the knot with your love, here are some steps that would help you plan the wedding better, as just leaving the arrangements on external vendors would not be enough.

Choice of location

Remember, the location you select for your wedding should have all the resources required around the venue itself. Running around last minute could be quite bothersome. For instance, if you choose a beach wedding, choose a hotel that has all the essential amenities the guests would require. Remember, you are in any case limiting the number of guests, so the guests that would be attending your wedding would be your special guests.

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Informing guests in advance

Even if you plan to distribute cards or send invitation videos closer to the wedding, for a destination wedding, where your guests need to plan their leaves, travel, bookings, etc. inform them with a message as soon as you book your date and venue. They would also need time to make their arrangements.

No compromise on vendors 

Since, you would not be visiting the venue in advance besides the time you book the venue, it is important to hire all professional vendors to take care of the functions, venue and other essentials of the wedding. Do not compromise or negotiate hard on this aspect, as in the end, they will be actually responsible for representing your style and aura.

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Advance venue visit is recommended

Preferably, visit the venue once in advance before booking and then three to four months prior to the wedding to finalise the different aspects of the functions. In case, you are unable to visit regularly, at least make sure that you or a family member or friend is at the venue at least four days before your function to avoid any last minute goof-ups. For your makeup and hair, get a trial done at least 3-4 days in advance, to be in tune with the stylists.

Choose vendors personally

Personally meet and fix your vendors, and ask people around for the best vendors based on your requirements for their recommendations. This is the best way to discover the local talent of the place you are hosting your wedding in. If you need to find people yourself, go for the more popular vendors and rental companies.

Carry essentials

It is better to pack all your essentials in a suitcase rather than getting them couriered. Remember, you will be responsible for your belongings. Couriers can be risky and expensive, especially if you have precious objects. Do you rely on unknown people for your goods. If you do not have space in your luggage, ask for help from your relatives or friends travelling with you.

Customize your wedding dress according to location

Based on the destination, plan your wedding dress to avoid looking odd. Whichever designer you go with, the fact remains the same, that your wedding dress needs to complement your destination. The fabrics, colours, and style of dress need to thoughtfully planned and discussed with your costume stylist.



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