Get ready to travel from India to UAE through high speed underwater rail

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Infrastructural wonders around the globe are stunning the world. Flying cars and Hyperloop are in the pipeline which will completely change the experience of travelling.

But it might take a while, before that a concept to connect UAE and India through underwater rail network has been put forward recently. Through this concept-underwater-railway line can not only help people travel to the two cities but also allow the exchange of goods, including that of oil and freshwater.

This concept was announced by the National Advisor Bureau Limited managing director and chief consultant Abdulla Alshehhi during the UAE-India Conclave in Abu Dhabi. He said that the Fujairah residents will be able to travel to Mumbai through the undersea rail network. He has also said that the floating underwater network will benefit both nations as well as other regions.

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Alshehhi is the founder of National Advisor Bureau Limited – a consultancy firm based in Masdar, which is the known to be the breeding ground for start-ups.

“This is a concept. We plan to connect Indian city of Mumbai with Fujairah through ultra-speed floating trains. The project aims to boost bilateral trade. There will be export of oil to India from Fujairah port and import of excess water from Narmada River, north of Mumbai. In addition, other GCC partners can also improve export and import,” he told a gathering of businessmen and industry experts

Alshehhi also said that the has many aspects that need to considered before taking the project off.

The rail network is said to be less than 2,000 kms.

Meanwhile, Mumbai and Ahmedabad will be connected through a high-speed rail corridor which is first bullet train project in India. It is likely to have an undersea aspect.


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