Ten gifts for the newlyweds they would want but never say

Ten gifts for the newlyweds they would want but never say
Ten gifts for the newlyweds they would want but never say

There are some things newlyweds would never tell you before their wedding such as gifts they need. However, you need to probably put yourselves in their shoes and think what you would practically want as a gift besides the cliche clothes, cash, and bouquets. As your friend’s or sibling’s wedding is approaching, you could start planning their gifts that they can actually use post their wedding.

While the gifts should not be regular ones, creativity can come in play at this time for unique stuff to prepare or get prepared. Here is a list of the best ten gifts to give to the newlywed couples on or after their wedding.

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A memory journal for the couple

The first year of marriage is undoubtedly a mixture of different feelings and emotions, and remembering them together in the following years, a journal could be a great gift for the new couple where they can store their memories from courtship to the first year of marriage.

Meal voucher for a year

Gift a meal voucher of the favourite restaurant of the couple, if you know it, where they would meet on dates. If both have different restaurants that they like, you could buy two vouchers – one for each that has a validity of a year.

Adventure bags for the weekend

If your friends are the adventurous ones, you could gift them a pair of the same weekender bags that they could carry with them during their weekend travel plans, maybe of different colours if not the same. They can also be customised and made, if you know the right places.

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Baskets to store objects

This might not seem like a romantic gift, however, if we are talking about practicality, beyond wardrobes, cabinets, cupboards, store rooms, and lofts, there would still be a lot of things that need a place to be kept. For this, storage baskets could come in handy. Baskets are also multi-purpose, in which you could keep your electrical wires, extra towels or blankets. You can buy sets of different sizes to help them organize even better.

One year holiday gift voucher of a popular travel website

Why should the newlyweds end their trip with a honeymoon? You could help them plan their leisure travel better with holiday vouchers of a year or more from travel companies that could include flight bookings or accommodation. If not the entire trip, at least a part of their holiday can be covered in the voucher.

Tea/Coffee vouchers

Do you know their favourite tea or coffee joint or their favourite tea or coffee brand? Their are many tea or coffee cafes and companies that sell vouchers that would never let the newlyweds run out of tea or coffee and rush to the nearest store or shop and compromise on their favourite tea or coffee.

Movie vouchers

If your friends are movie buffs, what better gift than a movie voucher that can let them watch a movie of their choice every week or month and use the voucher to buy the tickets. After a wedding, there are some financial constraints that the couples go through, and at this time, they also want to enjoy.

Salon subscription

During the first year of marriage, the bride and groom need to look their best as the relatives and friends invite them over for meals to congratulate the newlyweds on a personal level. All the first festivals after marriage are also a matter of pomp and show, hence, the couple needs to look their best. A salon subscription and voucher could come in as a lovely gift as almost every month, if not both, at least the girl would need to rush to a salon to get the basic done.

Streaming subscription

This might sound tricky, and of course, there are no vouchers or gift cards for streaming, yet a piece of paper could work here. Apart from movies in cinemas, streaming is the new craze, and yes, any couple who knows that they can binge watch their favourite series or films at home free of cost, would love this gift.

Book on relationships

There would be times when the coupe faces struggles and hardships, as no marriage is like sugar and rose. In this time, if they have something to ponder or read about, mutually clearing the rough patch could be easier. A book on relationships could be ideal for this. It would help them strengthen their bond between themselves as well as with other members of the family.






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