Petrol price falls to a 8 month low, diesel to a 3 month low as global crude oil slumps

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Petrol and diesel prices have fallen by about Rs 10 and Rs 7 respectively in the last six weeks on the decline of global crude prices. A litre of petrol on Friday cost Rs 73.24 in Delhi, Rs 78.80 in Mumbai, Rs 73.81 in Bengaluru, Rs 76.01 in Chennai and Rs 75.24 in Kolkata.

Diesel is now at its cheapest in the last 3 months while petrol price is at an 8-month low level. It costs Rs 68.13 per litre in Delhi, Rs 71.33 in Mumbai, Rs 68.48 in Bengaluru, Rs 71.95 in Chennai and Rs 69.98 in Kolkata. Diesel price in Delhi is now at its lowest since the last 3 months.

Petrol price had touched a record high of Rs 84 per litre in Delhi and Rs 91.34 in Mumbai on October 4. Diesel on that day had peaked to an all-time high of Rs 75.45 a litre in Delhi and Rs 80.10 in Mumbai.

Prices had started to climb from August 16.

International crude oil prices have fallen and now close to the $50 barrel mark, a price last seen over a year ago.

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