Netflix cancels Daredevil’s further seasons

Netflix cancels Daredevil's further seasons
Netflix cancels Daredevil's further seasons

The streaming giant, Netflix has cancelled all further seasons of the Marvel series, Daredevil after its third season. It was the first of the Marvel shows to premiere on Netflix after three of its seasons. The statement was reported by a leading daily, Deadline.

The statement by Netflix also said that though there will not be any new seasons of the series, the previous three sequels will be available on the platform for the viewers. The character of Daredevil will relive as Marvel in the future projects. The series starred Charlie Cox as Daredevil.

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The primary reason for the cancellation of the season on Netflix is Disney launching its own Netflix rival, Disney+. This new platform will feature all the elite Marvel series such as Loki starring Tom Hiddleston.

Disney had previously spoken about its plans to take over the Marvel feature films showcased on Netflix and run them on their streaming platform that is Disney+. However, the currently running series, Jessica Jones and The Punisher will continue to stream on Netflix until they end their series, according to the original five-show deal of the company.

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The relationship between Netflix and Marvel has grown sour due to the negotiations over the series, Luke Cage. The rift included the total episode count since Netflix proposed to reduce the episodes from the original 13 to 10.

Besides this, Netflix had been looking for other potential franchises and properties for a lucrative business in order to own larger content on its platform. This week itself, an eight-figure deal was signed by Netflix to stream Roald Dahl’s animated television series such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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