10 Quick-fix beauty tips for women-on-the-go

10 Quick-fix beauty tips for women-on-the-go
10 Quick-fix beauty tips for women-on-the-go

Do people tell you that getting dressed up and looking beautiful is indeed a pain? Though it is a task to keep up with the fast-pacing life and take care of your skin, there are some quick fix beauty tips for the working women that can make them look stunning without disturbing the daily routine.

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  • Were you out partying all night and still need to look fresh in office? Using the lightest shade of an eyeliner, preferable white, could hide the tiredness or puffiness from your eyes and make those gloomy eyes look beautiful.
  • If you fancy winged eyes, it might sound strange, but use a credit card and run your eyeliner along its lines for the perfect looking eye lashes.
  • Do you like matte lips? The best way to give that look to your lips without having a matte lipstick is to apply any lipstick of your choice and running a face powder with a brush on your lips.
  • Did you just wash your hair and need them to dry quickly? Say goodbye to hair dryers and cover your hair with a t-shirt. T-shirts act as excellent absorbents of water and make the hair dry fast.
  • Inspite of having thin hair, you can make them look thicker by applying some eye shadow of the colour similar to your hair colour along the partition line.
  • Tired of the baby hair? Take a toothbrush, spritz some hair spray on it and use it on the baby hair to get them settled.
  • You can dry your nail paint in a minute, and we are not talking about a hair dryer. All you need to do is flip your nails in a bowl full of water and ice cubes.
  • If you apply a kajal in the morning perfectly and it starts to smudge after some time, you can just dab some loose powder on the area below your eyes that would absorb the moisture and any other excess oil and keep the kajal intact.
  • Are you looking for a specific lip shade? Simply apply some lip gloss and top it up with the eye shadow of your choice to get the colour you desire. So, you don’t need to rush to the market for different shades of lipsticks.
  • By dabbing a moisturiser before spraying a perfume on yourself on all the places you spray it such as the wrists, sides of your neck, and elbow creases, your perfume can last longer.

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