Plan these unusual activities this winter vacation

Unusual winter activities to plan for a vacation
Unusual winter activities to plan for a vacation

From making igloos to snowmen and skiing or snowboarding, there are many activities one can plan for a winter vacation with family. All over the country, there are a number of skii resorts, destinations, and adventure parks where one can visit in winter. For this year, here is a compiled list of unusual winter activities on a trip.


Snowga is a new trend in which the yogis exercise and flow in snowshoes. This kind of workout leaves the yogis feeling recharged and relaxed and is available in some mountain resorts across the world.

Ice Igloos

Though there are already many ice Igloos in the world, many hotels and resorts provide the guests a chance to build their own Igloos and spend their night in them. Countries such as Finland and Sweden have options where one can indulge in this activity.


Skijoring means ski diving. It is a winter sport in which a person gets pulled on skis by animals such as horses and dogs or by motor vehicles.

Night skiing

For night as well, snowboarding and skiing are fun activities in winter. While skiing in at night, one can get to see the beautiful cities nearby and the night lights add to the charm of the activity.

Ice sailing

Though ice sailing is not a new activity, the thrill of it is just the same as earlier. It involves sail, kite, a sled, and wing and with the help of the wind and slick surface of the ice over the lakes to sail the boat smoothly.



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