This what happened when KJo quizzed Rajyavardhan Rathore and Akshay Kumar at IFFI

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Colonel Rajyavardhan Rathore has always been a famous name in the history of Indian sports courtesy his silver medal at the 2004 Olympics. But even after 14 years, the former army man is still well-known for his work, mainly in politics and as a minister.

International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, Karan Johar reprised his role of an emcee, for which he a go-to man always. And the filmmaker quizzed Colonel Rathore and Akshay Kumar.

Known for his tricky questions that put celebrities on the spot, KJo had a question to ask the former sportsperson. “If someone had to make a biopic on you, and you have achieved so much for your land, your country and everyone around you, who would play the lead role? And you, of course, can’t say Akshay because he is here and it would make it easier for you.”

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Rathore didn’t name the actor, but was sure about the director, “I don’t know about the actor, but I’d certainly like to have Karan Johar as the director to make the film a super hit. I leave that to you on who to choose.” Even Karan was impressed with the reply, which he termed as ‘elegantly and cleverly answered.’ and gave him ‘100 points.’

Akshay was then curious to know what would his ‘Kesari’ producer would title the movie and the director was this time ready with the answer, mentioning without blinking an eyelid, the actor’s movie and synonym, ‘Khiladi.’


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