Here’s how you can control your addiction to Facebook

Facebook recently announced a feature which enables the users in managing their social networking time and habits.

The company has started to roll out the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ feature globally, which is pretty much similar to Instagram’s ‘insights’ feature, which gives an understanding about the user’s content and his or her audience.

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The dashboard would display the number of minutes a user has spent on Facebook on the respective device each day for the past week and on average. It also enables its users to set a daily limit and a reminder to stop engaging on the app after the set limit is reached.

The users can also access the shortcuts to the notifications, news feed and friend requests from the settings by following the following order-

– Go to Facebook’s More Tab > Settings & Privacy > Your Time on Facebook

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The users, however, won’t be able to map the break-up of the time spent on news feed, exploring stories, watching videos and others and the feature is only available on the Facebook app and not for the desktop version.

There are many apps and companies that are supporting the usage of such a feature owing to the increasing importance if digital wellbeing in contemporary times. Apple and Google have also introduced a digital health feature for its users. Google introduced ‘Digital Wellbeing’ which understands the user’s habits, focuses on what matters and will alert the user when to switch- off and apps and spend time with family. While, Apple has a feature called ‘Screen Time’ which helps the user cut their smartphone time.

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