Savarkar’s grandson files complaint against Rahul Gandhi

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Freedom fighter Veer Savarkar’s grandson, Ranjeet Savarkar, on Tuesday, filed a complaint against Congress president Rahul Gandhi for allegedly stating wrong facts about his grandfather.

On 10th November, while addressing a rally in Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gandhi said “Do not teach us patriotism, there is a list of martyrs in congress party. When our leaders were fighting with British when our leaders were serving the jail term for 15-20 years, at that time your Savarkarji bow down before the Britishers and with folded hands, he had been apologising to the Britishers. You should not teach patriotism to the Congress party. ”

In October, during a speech in Sadbhavana Yatra at Charminar in Hyderabad, Rahul Gandhi said that Veer Savarkar was not ‘Veer’ as he wrote a letter to the British, apologising.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kept a portrait of Veer Savarkar in Parliament… When Britishers ruled this country, when all Congress leaders were in prison, Veer Savarkar wrote a letter to the British. He was not veer (gallant),” Gandhi said.

The Congress chief had alleged that in his letter Veer Savarkar apologised from Britishers and asked to be released from the prison.

“I apologise to you. I will not indulge in any political activities. Release me from prison. With folded hands, I will touch your (British) feet. Please release me from prison,” Rahul claims that Veer Savarkar wrote in his letter.

Veer Savarkar is seen as an icon by BJP and right-wing groups. Veer was a promoter of ‘Hindutva’ during British Raj.



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